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I'm very excited to be coming to BlogPaws and I must have been distracted by my inspiration

My name is Angie. The widow you spoke of that was pregnant when her husband died was a close friend of mine. Not even two months after his death my husband passed away of a sudden brain herniation. I was seven months pregnant and just gave birth to our daughter Ella on March 4. She sent me your book shortly after Ella arrived. I have not been able to put it down. I'm so devestated and lost. I'm trying hard to place my faith with God. I just have so much anger. No one understands the pain.

When I read, "I am dating someone" I had instant tears well up in my eyes. I am so happy for you! That you have reached that point where you are willing/able/want to do so. You're such a wonderful person Jen! To not want to say anything for your readers... You're too sweet. I hope we can all, eventually get a glimpse of him. ;-) It just makes me smile from ear to ear! lol
You're now not just moving, but... moving forward, and I'm so happy for that.

Trusting in God means accepting everything in life that is put before you. So I celebrate with you this joyful occasion that has happened, Jennifer. You are deserving of this wonderful gift and I am so happy that the doors that open for you are wonderful and fulfilling. You are my inspiration!

I read this yesterday and have not stopped smiling...very happy for you, dear friend.

As a single and happy person in MN(despite what our society tells us... just wanted to let you know 1 exsists :) ), I am so happy that you have touched on the subject of dating.
And happy you are happy and your kids are too!
I love your sincerity and love for your readers, and I don't think any one could ever think differently!

I am crying happy tears here. I am sooo excited for you and the kids!

jennifer you are truly just a breath of fresh air. you have grace, style, class and the ability to convey your love for your husband, your children and your family through you words. this man must be a wonderful man. i can only wonder if shawn sent him to you.

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