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I was 8 weeks pregnant when my husband passed away from a car accident. I just kept my focus on making sure that I take care of myself for that precious baby inside me. Nichole will always have a piece of her husband to hold on to and that is so special. My son (21 mos. old) brings a smile to my face everyday and her baby will too.

Jennifer, I enjoy reading your posts. They are so enlightening. I just finished reading your book a couple of months ago and it was great. I too, have a 5 yr old daughter named Madelyn. We call her Maddie. My mother-in-laws name is Bonnie. Many similarities.

Thanks for being such an inspiration.

My heart breaks for Nichole. My husband and I were in the middle of fertility treatments when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. We have two frozen embryos left over from our IVF cycle, and they are being transferred into me this morning. I'm just stepping forward in faith, and leaving the outcome up to the Lord. I will pray for Nichole that she be given ample amounts of strength, peace, and comfort to get through the coming months.

Prayers also for you sister. May God heal her hurt and bless her with lasting love.

I will pray for Nichole and for your sister

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