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Wow. Powerful post. Children amaze me in how they get right to the point when it comes to death, and then they're able to move onto the next thing. My kids seem to process issues quicker than I do. Sometimes I wish I was able to be more childlike in my grief. Thank you for sharing your family's insight.

This reality will always be a part of your lives and as you have done in the process you have allowed them to come to you with questions and more questions. Praying that you will have wise words and a discerning spirit as you deal with the pain of losing the one you loved. Little children will always ask why and sometimes we won't have the answer... take care as you continue to walk this road.
Bless you...

That's heavy stuff for all of you to bear. What a painful and complicated thing to have woven into the fabric of one's childhood. There isn't a sentence long enough to make that right. Sigh...

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