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Sorry, Jen I just caught up on some of your writings. you could never convince me to try this detox thing. You did well. Congrats on completing. mom

You can do it Jen!! Be thankful you can eat things that are good for you- if you want to look at the positive. lol I can't eat fruits or veggies raw- which is their healthiest state. I would LOOOOOOVE to eat some raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, an apple, (veggies I could do without. lol) but the fruit.. it's been almost 19 years since I've been able to eat them, and every day, I watch my kids eat those delicious fruits, and even carrots, and.. my mouth waters. So.... when you eat those things you're not as keen on.. be thankful you can eat them. And have some fruits for me!! :D ;-)

I also started a detox program but it's called oil pulling. Coudln't do it yeterday or today though cuz I can't breathe through my nose. This would be tricky doing it. hahaha (google it and check it out! ;-)

Jennifer, what detox book are you reading? Need some tips for my own journey. Stick with it.

Good luck!

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