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I agree with the other 2. You are truly amazing Jen. The patience you have with your kids, the tender, kind ways you show them the world, and explain things. When I see you writing about these times with your kids, I think back to, where in your book, you talked about that last day with Shawn, and how you were telling him you wanted to discuss your stresses with him, with the kids, etc. And I read/hear how you deal with things now, and... you did it. You are amazing, and he, I'm sure, IS soooo proud of you. He knew they would be in EXCELLENT hands! ;-) I hope to learn more from you, in how you do this patience thing. I feel all day like I'm constantly pulling my hair out!! You amaze me Jen.

Jennifer, I agree with Lisa. You are amazing! The conversations you have with your children are amazing. Thank you for sharing them. Would you ask Jordan if I can come and live with you and be in retirement to make people happy? THAT would be amazing!


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