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Maybe we're just lacking the crazy heads?
I especially dislike the Regency style one; tying it to your head with black ribbon does not make it look any better.

Man, the only dream I had last night was that I was being forced to evaluate my chiropractor's earring collection. I think you should ask your patron what she read before she went to bed last night.

Incredible montag of images, as regular. Who wouldn't be commencing to obtain while in the mood for fall along with the amazing climate here these days?!Thanks as usually for that inspiration.

hope your daughter had a good first day

Those glasses make her look very sophisticated for a kindergartener. Precious!

wow. So cute thank you for sharing with us a part of your world once more we know how to pray... for protection, for health, and for mommy to have more quiet writing time.

They are sooooo cute!! What a great way to start my day. Instant smile!

i too have been following your blog since you first started it, and i'm just wondering how it has been five years!! how can the kids be getting that big?!?!? they are so cute!

Jen, they are adorable! I am not a fan of fashion glasses (had two girls who had them last year and goofed around all the time), but on her they are adorable!

Wow, Jen, they are adorable. Sierra also started Kindergarten this week. She and Sam are buddies, too, and it was so fun to see them on the bus together :) Sending much love your way. Miss you!

What a sweet post! She is adorable!

Seriously, could they be ANY CUTER!?!? The first day of school is such a big deal - big deal for Mamas, too.

p.s. one of my girls has been wanting glasses like that, since I won't let her borrow MY glasses. Off to Claires we go ... (thanks!)

Super cute! My daughter Madelyn also starts kindergarten tomorrow. I think she must be having some anxieties because she is being extremely naughty tonight. Hopefully, she will share the same excitement tomorrow as your daughter did. It's a big step in their lives and ours. Love the pics!

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