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All good choices...although I really did like Joannah's...
Have always enjoyed reading your blog and through your writings catching a glimpse of the myriad of thoughts one thinks on a daily basis...ever changing...

Love to you and your family Jennifer this HOLYday Season

I like Be Here Now. When I saw your post on FB about the new blog name yesterday, I thought a good name for a widow's blog would be Life After Death. Someone has probably already thought of that one, though. ;)

Or perhaps, "Be Here Now: Journeys through Love, Loss and Reflection."

How about "Be Here Now: Stories of What is Possible When You Believe."

Be here now...
this day..this hour and this minute...
or (for we all have stories)
I will enjoy it no matter what name you give it.
blessings to you.

I like the Jennifer's Journey, and my subtitle suggestion: Moving, believing and hoping each and every day. (or something like that) ;-)

Be Here Now, subtitle "Jennifer's Journey"

Because that is really what it is, a journey. Every day twists and turns and ups and downs are part of the challenges we have to endure and the glory we experience on our individual journey in life. Your journey is sad and beautiful; beautiful because that is how you have made your journey meaningful by spreading love and light.

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