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Congratulations Jennifer!! It's me Brenda from Nebraska :) I am still so inspired by you. You help motivate me to keep moving forward, although I still feel so many times that I can't..... I am so happy to see you continuing on through your "Journey" and am so happy to see you and your family Happy!! :) I came on looking for a new book!! The last time I talked to ya you were in the process. I'll keep watching!!

My daughters and I talk often about Shawn as he was such an inspiration during their years at Rice Lake Elementary. Shawn will continue to watch over you from above as you and your children continue the new journey with Steve, his daughters, and of course the critters. My heart is content that you, Jordan and Madelynn found love and happiness once again. Go forward, and cherish every moment. God bless.

how wonderful congratulations

couldn't be happier for you!!!!! Thanks soo much for sharing all these words, your new book will be AWESOME!!!

There are so many things I love about this post that I find it difficult to list them in a cohesive way. Just let me say that your good and loving heart so deserves another good and loving heart. I am so happy for you. Love never dies, it just keeps blessing us over and over again. Many, many blessings.


Yeah...I love this new little family. I love how God works. ;)

Wow! So exciting Jennifer...loved the picture! Thanks for sharing this with your readers. God Bless!

God bless you all on your new life together. You bring joy to so many lives. What a great photo of you all!

Ok, How cute is this photo??!! SOOOO Happy for you...and what a perfect 'new' day for you all. May God bless your life, as He so greatly has in the past...as you move forward. Together.

Congratulations! I am soooo excited for your new family of six! I love, love, love your wedding date too.

I remember the day you told me about your friend up north who had met someone after her husband was killed in the line of duty. You swore you would never love anyone else. I just smiled when you said that. I knew there was another someone out there for you. Someone who would be perfect for you, Jordan, and Madelynn. I am SO VERY happy for ALL of you! We need to get together soon. I miss you!

I am thrilled for you! Congratulations!!!

thanks,Jen for sharing your knew joy. Yes Steve and his two girls are truly a blessing to all of us. We coudn't be happier for the 6 of you. A family with so much love to share and rooted in God's love will bring many Blessings! Love mom

Congratulations! I am so happy for you two-I mean 4!! What a beautiful family. God Bless.

Wow....congratulations. I am so happy for you. Love is a gift we give ourselves and it is a gift God gave way before that. You deserve to be happy. I pray for a wonderful life ahead for all of you.
Keep writing, keep pressing on.

You're married! With 4 kids!

Congratulations to you all -- what a blessed new beginning!

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