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Beautiful post, so well put. I too was a "young widow" who lost my first husband very suddenly to a heart attack. I knew almost right away I wanted to be married again someday...not because of the lonliness, heartache or pain, but because having loved the way I did and knowing REAL love from such a wonderful person gave me confidence that I wanted to love again. It took 7 long years alone (and a few frogs along the way) to find the second love of my life. Love this time is different, very aware of loss and how special the moments of "every day" are but just as deep and real as the first time around.

I'm so very happy for you and your new family as well. I knew Shawn from Coon Rapids PD.

Congratulations Jennifer. I am so happy for you and your new blended family. I can also say I felt the twinge of jealousy when I read you had remarried. I lost my husband in 2008 to suicide. I have been struggling with the desire to meet a good "Man" but realize I need to be patient. It's very difficult and especially when you're so lonely at times and you're family and friends cannot fill the need that your husband has filled all those years. I just wanted to say you are such an inspiration to me and I hope you can "Believe" that I too will meet someone just as you have......

I am so happy for you. Life is hard and to do it alone makes it much harder and I do believe the Lord did not want us to be alone in the process. Praying now that your new family will merge together in a wonderful way and you will have many years ahead of you to make new and wonderful memories.

so wonderful... I am so glad you are happy.

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