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Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one

I listened to you speak last April in La Crescent, MN at a ladies church function! You inspired me like you can't imagine. I was coming up on the second year anniversary of my husbands tragic death. You helped me realize how we must continue on but keep the memories alive. I have become engaged to a sweet man since then about 6 weeks ago. A love I never thought I would experience again. It is so real. I love your inspirations of hope. You have helped me to Believe I could fall in Love again! All my very best to you! Thanks for sharing! Mary Lou Graf

I can't wait to hear you might have a few more I am ready to send a few 'gifts your way...' I have a friend who was widowed for a lONG time and then remarried at age 45 then ended up having two children within two years. It was so fun to watch it all unfold. I was excited. so fun. Can't wait...to make you a 'baby blanket'. You are an awesome family.

What a sweet story! So glad you got your four children!

And I might say.... 4 ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Children at that! ;-) What a cool story Jen! One of my questions to you was going to be if you planned on having any more now, but.... I guess that probably answers my question! :D You all look so good together!! :D :D :D

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