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Did you know that Jim (Shelly and Jim) works for Dave Ramsey now?? :D
I'm glad this is working for your kids! I've found that no matter what I do, my kids are not motivated by ANYTHING. Ugggg... I have tried money, treats, bribery, and nothing seems to work. Except video games. If their jobs are done by 6pm, they get to play for 1/2 hr. If they don't get their jobs done til 6:25, then they only get to play for 5min. I don't know what it is, but... when I try something new, it goes well for a few days, then they just don't care anymore. It's like the goal of reaching $1 or $3 or whatever is too far away for them to comprehend or something.

I think Dave Ramsey is great but on the flip side he tells people to have no credit. The problem is if you are a young couple starting out, you have to have some credit history to buy a car or even a house my niece was doing the 'all cash' stuff for several years,she just totalled her car and they wouldn't even look at her since 'she had no credit' history to purchase another one. The thing is Dave is wealthy and is in his '50+' stage and can afford to do cash for everything. Young couples have to start out some where. As long as they don't get into trouble and make 'bad' decisions, which I may add most do they have to have a small amount of credit somewhere. So glad your little ones are enjoying the process it is good for them.

I have been listening to Dave Ramsey podcasts for a couple of years now and I have his Total Money Makeover book. I have also checked out a few of his other books at the library. It's great because the materials are easy, straightforward, and they make a lot of sense. If you haven't listened to his podcast yet I highly recommend it. At times he can be very direct with some of the people who call in, but in the end his goal is to help them and he does a great job. The plan really works well! Good luck with this with your family!

FPU is fabulous and Dave Ramsey's concepts have changed our life! :)

Jen - we started FPU a few weeks ago! I LOVE it! The budgeting software they have online has completely changed how we do things. I've always hated our budgets because they never work out...now I feel like we have a lot more money (which we don't) because of how we have set up our budget.

We just started working with the kids (ages 6 and 8) last Sunday - spend, save and give envelopes. We're doing it a little different - gave them each 5 chores a day (feeding dog, putting away silverware, making bed, cleaning room, clothes in hamper) - they each get .20 a chore or up to $1 a day. So far, it's working GREAT! No more arguing about whose turn it is to feed the dog or about making beds...they are doing it! I'm not sure how to explain to them what 10% is for their giving envelope...any ideas?

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