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YES.i love it very much. thank you for sharing it with us.


Since my mom grew up in Sweden and Norway we have always been emersed in other cultures but when I was six my parents(with 6 year old triplets and a 2 year old) decided to host a foreign exchange student. We hosted a new student every year for a total of 12 of them in my life. I can tell you that I still stay in touch with alot of them (and have even been to visit a great many of them) and consider them family (as they do us). I can also tell you that I have received far more in knowing them and their cultures then they have from me. What an amazing opportunity for your family! You will never regret getting to know this lovely person!

I have always had a love for India children. I always thought it would be wonderful to adopt.I have a great big heart for children and often in a store if one is crying I love to do something funny and distract them. Children bring life to me and my kids.Although I do not think I will ever get to adopt,I too think the more the merrier. Just the other day a little child cheered my grieving teen. My husband died a little over a year ago. And greif takes up residence in our home and does become quite heavy at times. I am so happy Jen to hear of how Jesus has brought you to a place where you are living life with every moment new. I hope by Gods grace I can see for my family that our lives did not end in Chuck's death but that in Gods soverin plan their will be new life growing in our family. Satan might have thought he could destroy 1 more family by the darkness of suicide. But as spring is here and my youngest child planted a little sunflower seed to watch it grow. My hope too is like that little seed
peeking out.There have been days her little sunflower has keeled over but with a little water pops back to life!
. Thankyou for sharing your new life it gives 1 more mom a big cup now filled up with hope. God Bless you Judy

Yep. Doesn't surprise me one bit Jen. You've always been fully giving of yourself and out there to help. I'm glad the rest of your family is on board with you! ;-) I hope you all enjoy his stay.

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