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We are finding this to be true with our kitchen/dining room renovation too- living in an old house has proved to be a PAIN with renovations. To do it the RIGHT way, you have to take the long, tedious way to do things CORRECTLY. lol When the previous owners repaired things, they just threw something over what wasn't right to patch and cover things up. We get to undo all that to do it the CORRECT way- the long, open a big old can of worms, tedious way. It also though feels good to know that it will hopefully last a LOT LONGER by doing so. ;-) Great post and reminder! And I SOOOOO wish I could find 48 hrs. to myself, and the money for a resort. I can only dream! lol Maybe some day. when the kids are all grown up. :D

Thank you - I really needed this today!

Great post Jennifer! Do you mind sharing where this retreat was? As I think that I could dig up 48 hours to try this myself :)

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